Madeline Grant

President- Member- Painter

Madeline Grant is a painter who focuses her work primarily on abstract ideas and subjects. Often pulling poetic influences into her work she makes a constant effort to ‘bring light into darkness’. In her work she often does this literally by creating pieces that glow in the dark but is often more subtle with her execution. She draws most inspiration from Poetry, Mental Health and Family/Friends.

Madeline Grant graduated from the School of Art & Design at Marshall University with a BFA in painting and a minor in English. She can currently be found in Vienna, WV with her dog Max and partner Ben.


Tracy Leinbaugh

Secretary- Member- Fibers

Art has been a big part of Tracy's life since she was a child. After receiving a 2-harness child's loom from her grandmother at the age of seven, she became aware of the fact that art could also be a tactile experience as well as a visual experience, which led her to work with clay as well as to expand her work with fiber to include dyeing and felting.


Betsy Cook

Treasurer- Member- Ironworks

My interest in blacksmithing began about 15 years ago when my ferrier retired from shoeing horses and began doing ornamental ironwork. I asked to watch. I think that introduction to iron, my love of history and my curiosity with science played a role in developing my interest in working with and forging iron. I was amazed to see this very strong iron become pliable with the addition of heat and actually look delicate in some pieces.


The Gustafsons

Consigner- Stained Glass

Gustafson Glass, owned by a husband and wife team, Dave and Janet Gustafson of The Plains, Ohio, is regionally known for unique fused glass work.

Dave and Janet, long-time Southeast Ohio residents, began exploring glass art as a hobby in 2003. After retiring from local school districts, they had time to get more serious about their art evolving from stained glass to fused glass after spending vacations taking instruction in many states.

By 2005 Gustafson Glass began to sell pieces in nearby gift shops and exhibit in regional art and crafts shows.